The solar Branco Eco Estate has 3 charging stations that can be used for guests staying at the estate. In-house transport is provided by our electric ID Buzz (a fully electric vehicle powered by the solar panels located on the

The Solar Branco Eco Estate is a proud socially responsible business. As part of our commitment to the environment and to the Azores where we live we have created The Ocean Azores Foundation. It is early days as we build

The Solar Branco Eco Estate in partnership with the Ocean Azores Foundation, and parters including the Word Cetacean Alliance (WCA) are working to support the designation of the Azores as an internationally recognised Whale Heritage Site. Read more at

We are incredibly proud to be the first hotel and experiences company in the Azores to consult with Mr Goodfish, and EU supported NGO on what seafood is sustainable to serve to guests as part of our in-house sushi experiences.

Being a sustainable business is more than just removing plastic straws and bottles from a room. The UN has outlined 17 core goals to help support the growth of sustainable tourism and ensure that we bring these economic benefits to

The morning message came in while I was drinking a coffee. "We have a hedgehog in distress." As you can see our little spikey friend was caught in a fence and had wedged himself in, unable to get out. They are

We are the first hotel in the world to declare ourselves as a Low Carbon Luxury Hotel: At The Solar Branco Eco Estate, our creativity, hospitality and experiences are driven by our guiding principle of low carbon luxury. Understanding what

The Solar Branco Eco Estate is proud to be vegetation and vegan friendly. We believe in welcoming all guests, and we have made sure that our guest meals are sourced on the estate as well as locally grown. If you

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In 2019 we brought our first chickens to the Solar Branco Eco Estate. In 2020, The Solar Branco Eco Estate made a commitment that all our shell, ingredient and liquid eggs would be cage-free by 2020. We are happy to