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We are proud to partner with Quinta da Jardinete, a small boutique family-owned Estate of about 5 hectares, that was originally planted in 1989, producing classical style wines.

Viticulture is said to have been introduced in the early 15th century by Henry the Navigator, who brought back vine material from Crete (Candia) or from Cyprus. Others suggest that Franciscan monks introduced viticulture from Madeira and mainland Portugal. Regardless

Welcome to The Solar Branco Eco Estate As you drive onto the road adjoining the estate, look up and you will see the estate known locally as "Solar Branco." Imposing on the landscape, it commands a view over the green hills

From CNN Traveler, 2018 by Sebastian Modak:Last year, after spending five days on the island of São Miguel, one of nine that make up the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, I boarded my flight back to the U.S. with two distinct

From the gardens of the Solar Branco Eco-Estate you can see one of the original look-out towers where a watchman would alert the landowners of the approaching British ships, and thus the need to start picking the citrus fruit for

Walking around the estate, it's hard not to fall in love with the history, the building and the views across the rolling green hills to the ocean beyond. As you drive onto the road below the estate, and as you

Chá Gorreana WalkDifficulty: EasyLength: 3.5kmTime: 1.5 hoursThis circular route along the tea plantations begins at the parking place of the Gorreana tea factory. Carefully cross the gate on the way out of the factory towards the gate accessing the tea