Cluckingham Breakfast

Hotel Guests only


Guest are welcome to enjoy some of our free range, organic eggs from the residents of Cluckingham Palace, home to our free-range chickens at the Solar Branco Eco Estate. You are also welcome to Join us for a morning visit, and see what eggs are available. Our lucky chickens have around 1000sqm of grounds in an orange orchard where they free-range and forage.  It’s an opportunity to learn about the eggciting life of chickens!  Find out how these descendants of dinosaurs organize their social hierarchies, get insights into how they spend their days and get to know some of the distinct personalities who make up our flock.  You’ll also learn about how chickens play a role in sustainability on the estate.

We’ll talk you through the basics of chicken keeping, the cycle of egg production and then collect the freshly laid eggs together.  You can get up and personal with the girls and If you are extra lucky you may even get to meet a baby chick or two. 


Cluckingham Palace is open in all weathers and the residents are at work 365 days a year.  In case of rain, please bring suitable clothing*
* Black dress optional



Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions
Up to 7 days or more in advance full refund
Up to 48 hours 50% refund
Less than 48 hours no refund available

Child Policy:
Babies or Children under 16 are not allowed into The Green Pantry