aug 22

August 2022

August here in the Azores is a hot, dry month. No planting in the garden, but lost of watering and care is needed. The sun brings many guests to see and enjoy The Gin Library and so the collection grows in number and countries. We have just added our 41st country and 3 new gins coming from Angola.

While The Gin Library may be busy, that does not mean our plans for 2023 have slowed down. The restoration continues on the main house, and the ruin is slowly taking shape. The other buildings are also underneath  construction. We have even big plans and product announcements coming very, very soon. There is so much to announce, but we want to hold back for now until everything is ready for the grand reveal. Stay tuned.

What’s growing? We have peppers, beans, edible flowers, bananas and watermelons! It is incredible what is coming out of the grounds at the moment. And late summer will not slow our growing plans down. Apples, figs, plumbs and more greens are all coming in the next few months.

Next month we look forward to some rain and a cooler temperature as autumn starts to creep in. As this has been such a hot summer though, who knows.