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April 2022

April the Azores brings a close to the planting season for trees and scrubs that need to go into the ground around the estate. May will bring the warmer, dryer weather of summer so this is a last chance to do the final digging needed. Apple trees and Japanese plumb have gone in and the second wildlife pond has been completed as well.

News on the Estate: We have spring chickens this month! Literally, new chicks on the grounds which is lovely. Mum is keeping them safe from the weasels in the nursery so we hope that they will now grow quickly into adulthood so we can get some eggs. The new Gin Library look is finally finished and people love the new look, especially the whale that we have displayed above the gin shelves.

We have a new cat on the estate. Joana is the name we have given to her. Joining the two boys, Senhor Miguel and Nuno she is the boss of the food. Said boys will not enter their house for food if she is there. We finally managed to trap her so we could desex her at the vet. Nuno got himself caught in the trap 3 times before her. Clearly he is not the brightest.

What’s growing? Our strawberries have come into season, finally. But better late than never and they taste absolutely divine. We will be starting a new batch of our limited strawberry gin which is sure to sell out very quickly.

Next month we look forward to seeing the Ruin really starting to take shape. The Solar continues to make progress towards the restoration deadline and of course, The Senhor Raposa’s Secret Drinking Den is making its way to completion, so as always there is plenty of construction on site.