An unexpected visitor*

*… But a welcome one.

Today we received a visitor in need of a room. Yes, another hedgehog in need of rescue. This little chap is less than 2 months old. He was very scared, but as soon as we placed him in a warm, safe spot curiosity got the better of him and he popped his head out to explore. We examined him, and as he looked to be without injury he could be immediately be placed into the field at our specially built Hog Seasons Hotel.

Cute as they are, please note hedgehogs are wild and legally protected animals in the Azores. You cannot keep them and it is illegal to move them. They should only be touched if in distress or by the side of a road (where they are in danger of being run over.) Should you find one in these circumstances please bring it to us at The Solar Branco Eco Estate, a police or fire station where it can be checked and then released into the wild.