plastic bottles azores

Plastic Free Hotel

The average hotel goes through thousands of plastic bottles a year. Our target is to operate completely free of single-use plastic from our day to day operations in the restoration of the estate to the first day of our opening. We were the first to make this commitment here in the Azores in 2019, hoping to inspire other hotels to take our lead in this area.

In-room water:
Our signature water is infused with fennel and bottled in upcycled Rocha Negra Gin bottles.

Complimentary water refills:
We offer complimentary water refills to guests and non-guests alike as part of the TAP Water initiative.

Plastic-free packaging:
From breakfast to take away lunches and snacks, as much as possible in terms of packing is plastic-free or reusable beeswax paper. All packaging used in shipping products to us is reused where practical.

No plastic straws:
None. Ever.

Plastic bags:
We don’t need them, we don’ want them so we don’t use them. For any guests that end up with a plastic bag, we ask them to give it to us and we can find a way to ensure they are re-used at least once more rather than being discarded after one use.

Luffa’s not sponges:
Yet another area of plastic waste (but often overlooked) are sponges. We are trialing growing our own luffa sponges which can replace the plastic-based ones. 100% organic and biodegradable these are a perfect washing up or bathing companion.