1. 38ºN 28ºW is an infused gin created on The Solar Branco Eco Estate. The name comes from the co-ordinates of the central point of the Azores islands. Our gin is infused with pineapple sage, as well as botanicals grown on the estate. This creates a gin with a unique flavour, combining a delicate hint of sweetness, set against the traditional bitterness of juniper and Indian Tonic water.
        2. Our gin is created in partnership with the Rocha Negra distillery, where Ali is a brand ambassador and helps the distillery with their own creations and limited-edition releases. 38ºN 28ºW gin is made in extremely small scale batches.

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    1. The Gin Library has one of the largest collections of gin in the world (currently sitting at number 3.) Join us as you are guided through the rich history and flavours of gin with gin expert and host here at the Solar Branco Estate, Ali Bullock. Guests are welcome to book a gin tasting experience or bring their own bottle of craft gin to the library, where you can exchange this for a complimentary gin tasting (max 2 people.)

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    1. We believe in leading the way for eco-hotels and sustainability in the Azores. We are carefully restoring the estate, respecting its history and breathing new life into each building. Our eco-initiatives include a complete ban on single use plastic and pesticides. We are the first in the Azores to commit to being a zero food waste business.

      In the gardens we have 2 dedicated wildlife ponds for frogs and local birds. Our chickens are all free range, and in our meadow we encourage wildflowers for pollinators and other wildlife. Read more on our commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism.
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