Free Gin Tasting

Free Gin!? Yes. Join us for a gin masterclass, bring a craft gin we don’t have in the collection, and you and one other will enjoy the class for free (please see the terms and conditions below.)

This experience is held come rain or shine. When the weather is nice, the library doors are open, bringing the beautiful views of the green hills of Sao Miguel to the ocean beyond. There is also ample seating outside and we invite you to tour the grounds with a G&T in hand. For rainy days, we have comfortable seating inside.

Book now or for more details on our gin masterclasses please click here

Gin library: If the house has guests staying, the library may not be available, and we will host the tasting in another location on the estate
Transport: This experience involves alcohol. Please consider a designated driver or book a taxi

The Gin Library: Child Policy
If you wish to bring children to The Gin Library, we can organise a private event for you. We have a tile painting experience that they are invited to participate in, more details here This means you can enjoy your Gin & Tonics in peace, and the children are entertained. After all, parents need a holiday as well. Please contact us in advance here to arrange an available time slot.

Terms & Conditions:
Free gin offer only valid for advance bookings
The bottle must be an unopened craft gin that you leave at The Solar Branco Eco Estate
You must either be a guest staying on the estate or book directly with us here at Solar Branco
This offer does not apply if you book through a third party agent