Our Rescue Dogs

You've seen them on the 'gram (or Instagram to those of us older folks.) So we thought we would make a quick introduction to the welcoming committee, AKA our rescue dogs. Please note the dogs stay at our house on the estate and do not come into the guest houses or gardens.

Of course, should you wish to meet the pampered pooches, they would love you to swing by and say hi. Treats are asked for, but not essential (according to the humans anyway.) They are great with people of all ages and they love kids.

The Furry Little Liars

Head of Guest Snacks

This was our first rescue dog. And what a start that was... Part Boston Terrier, part French Bulldog, part pug, and mostly gremlin. When not sleeping he can be found sniffing out guest bags for illegal snacks. These will be swiftly confiscated into his mouth as per Solar Branco guidelines.


Head of Customer Satisfaction

Ivy is the head of the pack. She constantly worries about everyone else and works tirelessly to keep them all in check. Her best friend and number 2 is Penny.


Head of Luxury

Think you know luxury, think again. Mini or Min-diva as she is known is the queen of luxury. Sit on concrete? I think not. Only the softest beds or beanbags are suitable for Min-diva. Beds are checked personally for comfort.


Head of Guest Relations

Love the place, Penny loves a cuddle. Have an issue, Penny loves a cuddle. Having a good / bad day, Penny loves a cuddle... We could go on, but you get the idea. Cuddles and lots of them for this one. Best friends with Ivy.


Head of Outdoor Experiences

"DID YOU SAY GO OUT??!!" Any excuse, and we mean any excuse and Una is ready to go. Walks, hikes, tours round the estate to Ponta Delgada she is ready to go. Best friends with Rita.


Head of Happiness

Rita comes from the Azores (the others come from Hong Kong.) Best friends with Una, these two are usually together causing mischief or playing. Sometimes both. They will show you the gardens, and by show, we mean just randomly zoom around.


Your Pooch

We believe (obviously) dogs are family to. And we would never dream of telling you to leave your furry friend behind while you go on holiday. We are delighted to be 100% pet friendly. Just drop us a line in advance so we can prepare and make any arrangements you need.

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