The project aims to unite governments, non-governmental organisations, businesses and individuals in a "mass-scale nature restoration." The Solar Branco Eco Estate is honoured to be the first in the Azores to sign up for this initiative.How works will connect

Sao Miguel and the other islands are formed on volcanic rock. This is a huge advantage when it comes to the modern idea of sustainable farming or no-tilling. while this is a new idea to many farmers, actually not tilling

There are so many opportunities to find some beauty and tranquillity within Sao Miguel, you are almost spoilt for choice. Take some time to get outside, do something healthy, and take a few deep breaths of pure Atlantic air with

In 2020 we are pleased to announce that the main field is now officially part of the Solar Branco Eco Estate. While we had started the process of purchasing the field in 2019, the paperwork took longer than we hoped

The Christmas tree is considered the centrepiece of holiday decor. Throughout the season, it is decorated with splendour, gathered around, danced around, and marvelled at on cold winter nights. But when the holidays are over, what happens to that beautiful, beloved,

We are restoring the estate and grounds to its former glory and we welcome people who would like to visit the estate. Caroline also offers a nature Connection Walk experience where you can enjoy an in-depth experience of the grounds of

Found a Hedgehog on Sao Miguel by the side of the road? PLEASE CALL: +351 919 076 779 Every year, hunreds of hedgehogs are killed on the roads here in the Azores. Alas as autumn rolls in and the weather starts

More details coming soon. All our wood used in the gardens comes from FSC forests or sustainably managed forests from Sao Miguel. We have also sourced as much furniture as possible from FSC grown sources or ensured that it is made

More details coming soon. Ali bullock is the first member of the 1% for the planet foundation here in the Azores. The aim is to give back to the community, 1% of sales back to the environment.

More details coming soon. IN PROGRESS: The estate is in the process of working with Earth Check to certify as a sustainable organisation.