Gin is everywhere at the moment, and adorns some of the very best bars in the world. While The Gin Library is not technically a bar, (for legal reasons we are an experience space and we do not sell drinks)

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We are proud to partner with Quinta da Jardinete is a small boutique family-owned Estate of about 5 hectares, that was originally planted in 1989, producing classical style wines. For a tour of the estate and vineyard and the grounds please speak

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In 2019 we brought our first chickens to the Solar Branco Eco Estate in 2019. In 2020, The Solar Branco Eco Estate made a commitment to convert all our shell, ingredient and liquid eggs to be cage-free by 2020. We’re

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. In this process, organic waste, such as food waste and garden clippings, is biodegraded and turned into valuable fertilizer. Our hotel benefits from composting in a number of ways: Reductions in the amount of waste

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