There are so many opportunities to find some beauty and tranquillity within Sao Miguel, you are almost spoilt for choice. Take some time to get outside, do something healthy, and take a few deep breaths of pure Atlantic air with

Tourist Office The people here are friendly and love the Azores and helping tourists. If you need a place to start this is as good as any Google Maps Praça Gonçalo Velho Cabral / Gates to the city The three arches you see in

Valley of Lombadas Difficulty: ExpertThis is a beautiful ride from the top of the valley range in Riberia Grande to the abandoned spring water factory. This is a fast-paced downhill ride through some beautiful countryside. Best attempted with a pace

Corvo or Crow Island is the smallest and northernmost island of the Azores. It is just 17.45 km2 in area and has only 425 inhabitants. There is one very small town called Vila Nova do Corvo with narrow streets and

Graciosa, meaning Gracious belongs to the Central Group of the Archipelago of the Azores (about 30 miles from Terceira). The island has an area of 61 km² in an oval form and is called “the white island. Graciosa is known for

São Jorge is situated in the same group of islands as Faial and Pico, some 15 km from the island of Pico. The island has some 10,500 inhabitants. São Jorge is well known for the tasteful cheese produced on the island.

The island of Flores or flowers is the most western point of the Azores and of Europe. This lovely island is divided into two municipalities (concelho), Santa Cruz das Flores in the north, with 1820 inhabitants, and Lajes das Flores

The landscape of Santa Maria is quite different from the other islands on the Azores and the houses are spread all across the island. The land is very fertile and the rural landscape is beautiful. Santa Maria is the southernmost island

Terceira is located in the central group of the Azores and has a population of 15,000 people. The highest point is Serra de Santa Barbara (1,022 m). The view from this point is breathtaking. The natural landscape has beautiful scenery

Pico, is named after its imposing mountain Ponta de Pico or Pico Alto, which is the highest mountain of Portugal and also the highest elevation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Pico with its 300,000 years the “youngest” island of the Azores.