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In 2019 we brought our first chickens to the Solar Branco Eco Estate in 2019. In 2020, The Solar Branco Eco Estate made a commitment to convert all our shell, ingredient and liquid eggs to be cage-free by 2020. We’re

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. In this process, organic waste, such as food waste and garden clippings, is biodegraded and turned into valuable fertilizer. Our hotel benefits from composting in a number of ways: Reductions in the amount of waste

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We have all been there. The feeling of a long flight, bags deposited on the floor, TV on and just before you get onto the bed, there is the minibar. Looking at you with its evil intent to rip you

Guest Terms & Conditions TERMS AND CONDITIONS relating to CAR PARKING, RESERVATIONS AND ROOM OCCUPANCY (“Guest Terms”) 1. PARTIES 1.1 These Guest Terms shall be made between:   (a) Solar Branco Lda incorporated and registered in Portugal with accommodation number 2911 whose registered office is